Tuesday, January 8, 2008

10 things about me!

well my CRAZY sister in law bugged me until the day i got a blog.

FINALLY I gave in and got one :P

now I don't know what to write about, sooo for now i'll try and make it interesting ;P#1 I'm 15 years old.

#2 I live in a gated community go to the smallest school EVER in history, but im adjusting ;P
#3 I get along with ALL of my brothers and sisters(IN LAWS INCLUDED :P ) and love them dearly ;)
#4 I love doing CRAZY/DAREDEVILISH things ;) and having a good time.
#5 I love riding horses but im definately NOT a Cowgirl.
#6 I love anything to do with getting away and includes FUN. im very goofy:) hence the picture ;P

#7 I LOVE throwing football with my brother Shawn :) #8 I love watching movies and mimicking them with Ashley :P #9 I love shopping :)


ashley82 said...

haha I didnt know you put that one in about me and you mimicking movies. Great first post! lol

Sean_peezy said...

This is great and all... but arent you forgetting something... Like... i dunno maybe YOUR BESTFRIEND....? :D hah

Steph said...

hey ila! love the new blog! hope things are going good for you guys in the middle of nowhere! :)